Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop with Jim Granger

Wet-Plate Collodion Workshop with Jim Granger

In this day long workshop you will be introduced to the wet-plate collodion process, the eminent photographic process of the mid-late Nineteenth century. Invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer, the wet-plate collodion process almost immediately replaced the common methods at the time - the daguerreotype and the calotype. It was a flexible form, one that was able to produce images with pinpoint clarity and yet allow the duplication of positives upon many mediums. 

On this workshop you will acquaint yourself with a concise understanding of wet-plate collodion photography. We will go through the following:

- A brief history of the process, of the key figures (both old and new) involved in the proliferation of the medium and of the lasting impact it has had upon photography. 

- An introduction to the process itself, of the chemicals involved and the method of creating a plate. It is important to understand why the chemicals act the way they do and how to remedy the common ailments of beginning collodion photography. We will also revise the handling of the chemicals as some of them are hazardous, darkroom safety is a must! 

- Each participant will make their own positive plates (on tin or glass) in the studio and darkroom at the Photo Parlour. You will be guided from preparing the plate through to the very end with the varnishing of the finished photograph. Hopefully you will have some agreeable plates with which to take home at the end of the day. 

- You will also be provided with sources from which to continue your beginnings into wet-plate collodion photography should you wish to do so after the workshop. 

All materials and safety equipment will be provided for. It is a very hands-on process and incredibly tactile, I recommend wearing clothing that you would not mind being stained (just in case) as accidents can and do happen. Simply bring yourself, a notepad and no small amount of patience!


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