John Blakemore Image Sequencing Workshop

John Blakemore Image Sequencing Workshop

Learn a new way of thinking about your photography on the John Blakemore Sequencing workshop.

An amazing opportunity to approach your work in a different way and discuss your work with one of the UK's finest photographers and teachers.

See an article on Johns work here

This process is usually part of our weekend long "Bookmaking and Image Sequencing" workshop but we felt it too important an exercise to miss for those not wishing to actually make a book.

This workshop is a far more hands on and productive alternative to contemporary portfolio reviews. We will explore your work and help you edit a body of images into a coherent sequence suitable for a book or exhibition.

All you will need are some printed images (30-50) no larger than 5"x7", preferably from project you have been doing or on a particular theme (although they could be random... we like a challenge). These images need to be printed "full bleed" i.e; no white borders. This makes sequencing easier with more exciting possibilities.

This workshop will run from 10am-5pm with a break for lunch. Hot drinks will be provided.

The next workshop is on Saturday the 23rd March 10am-5pm

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