John Blakemore Book-Making and Sequencing Workshops

John Blakemore Book-Making and Sequencing Workshops

It's a pleasure to announce that due to popular demand we will be hosting a book-making and sequencing workshop with John Blakemore and Dan Wheeler.

John is an inspirational photographer and throughout his extensive career he has always expressed the importance of sequencing images and presenting work in handmade books. This series of workshops will demonstrate important skills for any creative photographer and is an opportunity not to be missed!

Day One -  Why Make Books?
In the first session, John will be discussing the importance of the photographic book and sequencing work. We will begin by looking at a selection of beautiful hand made books.

John and Dan will then be demonstrating how to make several types of unique, hand made book throughout the morning. 

Towards the end of this session John will be reviewing participant's images and assisting them in sequencing and editing their work.

Participants are required to bring in a collection of their printed work which they wish to turn into a hand made book.

Participants do not require any equipment for the first session but will be given a list of items they will require to make their books prior to the event.

Day Two - Make your own!
In the second session, John will assist participants in creating a unique, hand made book of their own design.

You are required to provide your own materials for creating your book with, we will be providing some of the more difficult to find materials and have some bits and pieces knocking around. This is to ensure that your book is personal to you.

By the end of day two you will leave with a finished and beautifully crafted book of your own design.

All sessions will run form 10am-5pm

The next workshop will run on the 18th and 19th May.


If you would like any more information please drop us an email at or call us on 01159867776.