Introduction to Black and White Photography

Introduction to Black and White Photography

The introduction to Black and White Photography is a one day all encompassing workshop designed for those who have never used, or want to reconnect with, their film camera. You will also get the opportunity to process your film by hand and make pictures in the darkroom!

During the first part of this workshop we will:

  • Discuss different types of film camera and their uses, including SLR's, rangefinders, twin lens reflex and everything in between.
  • Discuss the qualities of 35mm, medium and large format (5x4) film types.
  • Gain a better understanding of light metering, shutter speed, aperture and film speed.

In the second part of the session you will be provided with a roll of black and white film to load into your camera, we will then go on a short photo walk were you will have the opportunity to shoot your roll of film with Dan on hand to assist you in using your camera to the best of its abilities.

We will then have a half an hour break for lunch (tea and coffee will be provided free of charge but participants are asked to bring their own lunch).

After lunch we will begin our film developing and darkroom printing session in which participants will:

  • Go through the ins and outs of processing your black and white film by hand using our excellent facilities.
  • Safely dry and store your film in negative wallets provided by us.
  • Run through all the facilities available to you in our darkroom and discuss the features and different qualities of each of our enlargers, as well as all aspects of health and safety and etiquette in the darkroom.
  • Create a contact sheet from your negatives in the darkroom.
  • Choose two images to print from your negatives.

You will leave the workshop with your developed film, contact sheet, hand made prints and a bunch of new friends too!

Tickets for this workshop are £100 each and are limited to 4 spaces.

Our next Introduction to Film Photography workshops are;

Saturday 13th May 2017 - 10am-5pm

One-To-One teaching is also avaliable on request

You can also book this workshop as a lovely hand made voucher as a gift, just let us know!

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