Video by Lara Elliott

For years I have been developing and printing my images from home, turning my bathroom and attic into makeshift darkrooms. Having always encountered problems with extraction, space and temperature I decided to find a place where I could hone my skills on a more permanent basis.

I was unaware of any darkrooms available to hire in the area which would suit my lifestyle, as I was working full time and wanted access in the spare moments I could grab after work and at weekends. It occured to me that I couldn't possibly be the only traditional photographer struggling for space and facilities. So I had the idea to use the equipment and skills I have to build a space big enough to hire darkroom facilities to others, run workshops and introduce people to traditional methods of photography, as well as give myself the space to produce work.

Over a few labour intensive months, with a little help from family and friends, I partitioned a large open unused space into a darkroom, office, gallery and studio and opened the Photo Parlour in Derby on the 12th April 2013. 

Since starting to build the Photo Parlour, I've received a warm welcome from both the local and national press. Features include;  Film Shooters CollectiveBelieve in FilmPdexposures PodcastCreative Boom, Artsbeat Magazine, Radio Derby, Bees Make Honey, The Derby Telegraph

After a successful first year running the Photo Parlour in Derby, I have now taken on the Photo Parlour Nottingham (formerly PHOTO, run by Mick Payne) which provides a professional quality film processing and printing services.