Film Processing Service

Film Processing Service

The Nottingham branch of The Photo Parlour provides a professional quality film processing service. All our processing machines are top of the range and are calibrated regularly using Fujifilm’s monitoring service to ensure that our chemicals render the best negatives possible. 

We can process colour negative, colour transparency and black and white film in every format including 35mm,120,5x4,10x8 as well as other obsolete film types. If it has C41 or black and white written on it, we can process it!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our film development and use “Dip and Dunk” processors which eradicate any issues inherent with standard mini-lab processors.

Film Processing Prices

Colour Negative Processing (C41)

35mm - £8.00

120 Roll Film - £7.00

5x4 Sheet Film - £3.00 per sheet

Black and White Processing

35mm - £8.00

120 roll Film - £7.00

5x4 Sheet Film - £3.00 per sheet

X-Processing and push processing can be done easily. Pleaase ask if you want us to do anything special with your film.

We also offer contact sheets with your processing for just £7.00 per film (excluding processing cost). These are made by hand, with care and attention in our darkrooms to ensure that each sheet is exposed perfectly. We are unable to offer the same day processing service if you require a contact sheet.

We usually ask you to give us approximately 48hrs to do your processing however we do offer a 24hr rush service for an additional £1.50 per roll if you just cant wait! 

We will usually organise a time that suits you to come and collect your processed film.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer film scanning and inkjet printing at present but these are services we hope to offer in the very near future. We pride ourselves on our traditional approach to processing your film and prints and feel that our processing is of the highest quality.

If you want to get your film processed by us or would just like more information please give us a call on 0115 986 7776 or pop in to the lab. 

Our address is:

The Photo Parlour
Unit 8 Karlsruhe House
Queensbridge Road

We are just around the corner from Nottingham train station, our building is right next to The Vat and Fiddle pub, and Castle Rock Brewery.