Colour Printing Induction

Colour Printing Induction

In this workshop you will spend time learning how to print colour negatives by hand using our lovely colour darkroom in Nottingham. There aren't many facilities like this available in the Midlands and its rare opportunity to experience the magic of colour printing in the Darkroom. You are also required to do this workshop in order to take on the colour darkroom membership. 

In this workshop you will learn…

  • How to use a colour enlarger and learn about colour theory with regard to colour printing.
  • How our lovely Kreonite RA4 print processor works.
  • Produce two beautiful colour prints yourself to take home with you.

We ask that you bring a selection of colour negatives with you (Anything from 35mm-5x4 sheet film). If you need to get some film processed before hand contact us or send us your film.

This workshop will run on Saturday the 23rd of September (1-4pm) or can be booked as a One-to-One

If you havent used a darkroom before we recommend you start by taking part in a Black and White Darkroom induction

This workshop is limited to 3 places at £50 per ticket.

You can also book this workshop as a lovely hand made voucher as a gift, just let us know!

Please email us at the to book!