Black and White Darkroom Masterclass

Black and White Darkroom Masterclass

Our new darkroom masterclass is designed to give you all the skills you will need to produce beautiful prints in a black and white darkroom, as well as give you the skills to process your own film correctly.

This workshop covers...

-How to load a Patterson daylight developing tank correctly with your film.

-How to process your film and care for it using our facilities.

-How to product a contact sheet

-Discuss negative quality and choosing negatives to print

-Create a silver gelatine print or two

-Explore tonal controls including contrast, dodging and burning, pre-exposure etc loads of other darkroom hints and tips.

A must for anyone seriously interested in making work in the darkroom, this workshop is suited to beginners and people who have some experience in the darkroom.

Our aim is to give you all the skills you need to make your own prints and process film independently, either at home or in our darkroom.

This workshop also serves as an induction for those wanting to take on membership

Tickets are £100 and our next workshop is on Saturday 9th December 2017 10am-4pm

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